Recruitment Procedure starts after receiving the following confirmed documents from the employer or company. The procedure of recruitment is simple and starts with preparation of recruitment documents as follows:


1. Demand Letter :
Demand Letter from the employer / company clearly specifying all the terms of employment for the recruitment of required personnel giving their jobs description, number of personnel to be recruited and Terms & Conditions of employment in all respect.

2. Power of Attorney :

Power of Attorney is required from the employer appointing us as their Recruiting Agent in Pakistan to carry our emigration formalities, endorsement of visa from the relevant Consulate, and clearing from Protector of Emigrants, Govt. of Pakistan.

3. Letter to Consulate :
This letter should be addressed to the respective Consulate, duly attested by the ministry of foreign affairs of the concerned country.

The above 3 documents must be attested by any one of the following authority:

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the host country or country of the employer(s)
- Embassy of Pakistan in the host country or Embassy of Pakistan in the employer’s country
- Embassy of host country or Embassy of employer’s country in Pakistan

4. Visa Slip:
Copy of the Visa Slip or E-Number of Visa

5. Copy of the Company Commercial Registration:

(CR+Identity Card for KSA only) of the Employer’s Company.

On receiving of demand from our foreign valued employers we adopt the following steps of procedures to provide the talented and experienced manpower to our client from Pakistan who have the ability to fulfill their requirements after receiving the permission from the Protector of Immigrant, Govt. of Pakistan.

Advertisement of Jobs :
We maintain a very comprehensive Employees/Candidates Data Bank. At first we check candidates from the data bank. However we also advertise the requirements in leading Newspapers or through other media. Advertisement of principal's demands with the prior permission of the Protector of Emigrants Government of Pakistan through release of advertisement in the leading newspapers throughout the country. After receiving the job applications a board of professionals select the Candidates and wait for the instructions of our principals for final selection. After selection candidates are sent for comprehensive medical check up from the G.C.C approved medical center. At the end passports are submitted in the Consulate for Visa endorsement.
We always prefer selection of applicant for aptitude test by oral & practical which may be conducted by the Employers or his authorized representative as they like best. The employee assistance services provided by us are designed to both assist employees and support the productivity and profitability of employers. We believe in mutually beneficial relationships that is built on trust and faith. We call the candidate and confirm his application documents, and if the applicants need technical test then, we refer them to our well-known technical center for test and report or conduct the test as per our valued clients.

The details regarding procedure adopted for assortment the competent worker, is as under :

We normally do it with the help of team experts for technical & professional categories under direct supervision of our professional executives.

Lining up of labour
We use following sources for acquisition of manpower for different categories.

Interview Calls
On evaluation of the applications received short listing of the deserving candidates is instigated and call letters issued for provisional interview and trade test etc.

Screening of Candidates
Our highly qualified and experienced consultants interview and carry out tests for the required candidates. For ranking the skilled and un-skilled candidates standard methods are adopted so that suitable manpower may be supplied. The candidates who get through these interviews and tests are short-listed and declared as provisionally selected candidates.

Selection Time
When we need a bulk supply of manpower our provisional selection does not take much more time. We call our candidates according to the schedule of foreign delegation, which will be visiting for selection. Otherwise our selected candidates are processed to depart to the sponsors.

Final Selection
The short listed candidates are then required to appear before the selection Board thereafter the selected candidates are put to test. The final rating is done after consideration of the individuals over all performance.

Direct Contact
Selection of proper candidate is a continuous process, which needs proper guidance and assurance. For this purpose we hold meetings at main cities with recruitment agencies. If We not only contact the required personals in this way but also interview them and keep up our data for completion of employer's requirements. Through this process we select highly skilled labour. We also contact the intelligent staff from major projects, institutions, hospitals and industries.

Short Listing of Candidates
Our technical manager invites the applications screens them and short lists the appropriate candidates according to the job description. They only short-list those candidates who are required by the employer at the minimum possible time. It not only saves the time but also gives an opportunity to satisfy the employer.

Medical Test
The finally selected candidates are required to appear before the Medical board comprising of highly competent specialist/doctors for conducting full medical checkup by medical entry duly approved by GCC and the consulate of the employer’s country.

Life Insurance
We obtain life Insurance from State life of Pakistan before endorsement Protector of Emigrant stamps, on their respected Passport as well as before traveling to abroad.

Protector of Emigrants
We obtain clearance from the concerned Government Department for the candidates.

Ticketing and Emigration
The employer may send PTA or Remit necessary traveling expenses in favor of our agency to facilitate the traveling scheduled.

Visa Application
For selected candidates, we will apply for their visas in the respective Embassy as authorized by the Employer.

Briefing before Departure
We provide basic orientation to workers before traveling abroad. The workers are informed about their duties and responsibilities while abroad and first hand information of work environment there & salient features of labor laws of the country of employment.

A detailed list of provisionally selected candidates is sent to the sponsors for further necessary action .If they need further interviews and tests then their delegation is invited and appropriate arrangements are made. In case the sponsors do not need to depute certain delegation for final selection the management takes full responsibility regarding efficiency, skill and medical fitness of the candidates.