At AMAFHH, at the time of selection as well as before the departure of the candidate, we take special care in explaining the details of the nature of the particular candidate's job and responsibility. These details include the salary, benefits, working hours, working conditions, and the overall work environment. We also explain to each and every worker the laws prevailing in the particular Country the worker is being deployed to, and also how to maintain a cordial work environment at all times, explaining to them how that in turn would benefit them as well as the Company in the long run.

We have a well-equipped and systematically organized system of processing demand of any volume. We believe that Communication is Key to Good Service and our office is equipped with E-mail, Fax and Telex system to expedite the flow of messages to our Overseas Principals. Last but not the least our firm through the initiative of the management offers various categories of employment opportunity for Pakistani Labor. All highly skilled, skilled, semi skilled, unskilled and even Highly Qualified Specialist personnel have been selected and processed for our Principals.

Requisitions :

1. Power of Attorney

We need Power of Attorney as per printed specimen, from the employer appointing us as their Recruiting Agent in Pakistan to carry our emigration formalities, endorsement of visa from the relevant Consulate, and clearing from Protector of Emigrants, Govt. of Pakistan. This document should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Chamber of Commerce Embassy of Pakistan of the concerned country.

2. Demand Letter
We also need Demand Letter, for the recruitment of required personnel giving their jobs description, number of personnel to be recruited and Terms & Conditions of employment, as per specimen.

3. Letter to Consulate
This letter should be addressed to the respective Consulate, duly attested by the ministry of foreign affairs of the concerned country.

4. Visa Slip
Visa Slip in original or photocopy or E-Number of visa.

5. Photocopy of Company Commercial Registration
(CR/& Identity Card of the Employer for Saudi Arabia only)